Healthcare Vendorss

When it comes to healthcare vendor management, Healthcare 360 Degree Consultants boasts direct access to top-notch local and national resources for ancillary services to support your organization’s goals. Our healthcare vendor management services help you determine specific needs, generate an RFP, and match you with the most appropriate healthcare vendors based on their relevance, expertise, pricing and accessibility.



Healthcare 360 Degree Consultants offers personalized healthcare IT consultation, and when appropriate, will refer you to the best-of-the-best IT platforms, developers, telehealth and telemedicine vendors. Learn more about how 360 health care provides the direction you need to make healthcare IT work for you.



360 health care can connect you with the most relevant and experienced healthcare lawyers to help you overcome – and at times even leverage – the legal challenges your organization faces. Our recommended Healthcare Attorneys provide the full gamut of representative services, including litigation, arbitration, mediation, government investigation and settlement negotiations..

♦ Informed consent, right to treat, medical records and confidentiality, data breach response, and professional liability

♦ Intellectual Property and Product Liability

♦ Fraud and Abuse

♦ Antitrust and Managed CareFraud and Abuse



Whether you’re a healthcare provider, health plan, health service company or product manufacturer, 360 health care will take into account your organization’s specific role in the healthcare environment when assessing and recommending accounting aid.

♦ Financial reporting, statement, audit, review and compilation

♦ Nonprofit Institutions and Tax issues

♦ Provider/practice Practice Atart-up, Merger and Acquisition assistance

♦ Medicare/Medicaid Audit preparation and appeals

♦ Fraud detection and prevention

♦ Business Entity Structuring and Valuation Services

♦ Cash flow management and projections



The complexities of healthcare billing can challenge even the most sophisticated practice group or organization. Outsource your medical billing and adjudication to one of 360 health care’s preferred vendors and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with increased efficiency and significant cost savings.

♦ Enrollment forms

♦ Eligibility

♦ Duplicate Claims Check

♦ Coding, Bundling and Diagnosis Review

♦ Hospital Detail Analysis

♦ Benefit Determination Adjudication

♦ Rules-Based Edits



Tap 360 health care’s network of lobbying and public policy experts to advance your interests before the legislative and executive branches of government at the federal, state, and municipal levels.

♦ Promotion of advocacy agendas for health systems, provider groups, medical centers, insurers, healthcare organizations and societies.

♦ Navigate regulatory processes and safeguard client interests.

♦ Secure Medicare reimbursement for new technologies and products.



360 health care works directly with marketing experts and strategists who specialize in healthcare positioning, PR, and message development. Based on your needs, we’ll place you in the trusted hands of Marketing Consultant or company who get to know your organization “from the inside out” and ensure delivery of a 360-degree brand experience to patients, partners and potential investors – across all channels.

♦ Full-spectrum Marketing Plans

♦ Advertising/Media Budgeting and Buying

♦ Creative Assets, Including Logo, Letterhead, taglines

♦ Proposal writing, RFP responses

♦ Market, Industry and Competitive Assessment

♦ Start-up positioning for new healthcare providers, lines of business, products and programs

♦ Event Marketing



Access 360 health care’s roster of seasoned web developers and e-professionals to enhance your online and digital presence. Our preferred vendors will help you “take ownership” of your digital brand, manage your e-communications, and engage with patients, members and customers via social media and other touchpoints.

♦ Responsive Web Design

♦ User Experience / User Interface

♦ Patient / Member / Partner Portals

♦ Content Marketing including original articles and blog maintenance

♦ Social Media and Reputation Management

♦ E-communications, Database Management




If you are a qualified healthcare vendor, 360 health care can connect you with the organizations that need your services and products the most. Contact 360 health care today for more information.