Hospital Management Consulting

Hospitals are run and managed in the same manner as other businesses. However, as it involves life, it is more critical, and a tiny mistake or discrepancy can result in life-threatening consequences. It requires a professional approach, domain-expertise and knowledge, relevant experience and a team of talented professionals from the same industry. At healthcare 360 degree, we offer a comprehensive and consolidated Hospital Management Consultancy service. We are confident about our consultancy services because of our years of experience, hundreds of projects that we have accomplished, our domain expertise, a talented and qualified team of healthcare practitioners and consultants, etc. We take pride in saying that we are a leading and a reliable company in the field of Hospital Management.

Consultancy and we offer the following services under it:

⛨ Market and financial feasibility

⛨ Hospital Accreditation

⛨ Operations and Management

⛨ Equipment Planning

⛨ Hospital Inventory Management

⛨ Hospital Info system consultancy

Under hospital management Consultancy, we offer the following services: Hospital Market and Financial Feasibility.

• Accreditation of Hospitals- NABH ,NABL,JCI.

• Hospital Operations and Management.

• Medical Equipment Planning.

• Hospital Inventory Management

• Hospital Information system Consulting ( Hardware & Software)

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