Human Resource Management

Can a hospital run without efficient and dedicated human resources? Certainly no! Any hospital, clinic, multi-specialty or polyclinic, to run, needs skilled human resources at every step to execute its various functions and activities smoothly and without any hassle. For effective human resources planning, it is mandatory to match the requirement and the profiles and to depute right human resources at the right place.

Why Healthcare 360 degree

At Healthcare 360 degree, we believe in the fact that any organization is only as good as its people and the quality of the services of any group is firmly determined by the quality of its people. Therefore, when we do human resources planning and recruitment for a hospital, we take utmost care in scrutinizing the candidate on various parameters and select the candidate who exactly matches our requirement.

We have a team of domain experts who know what to look for in a candidate and meticulously select a candidate. We source candidates from top hospitals and premier institutes across India as we need diverse talent pool, right from doctors, practitioners, healthcare assistants, technicians, ward boys to nurses, paramedical staff and other supporting staff. We understand that wrong selection results in opportunity loss, waste of time and effort, hence, we do our homework well and select or reject a candidate at entry level. We not only judge candidates on skill and knowledge but also try to gauge his/her attitude towards work and job ethics.

For example, large physician practices and hospitals may decide to offer expanded tests or treatments by buying new medical equipment. Helping to make the decision and finding the best way to pay for it are both parts of financial management.

What we do:

We do a thorough profile brief of all departments and match the candidates to a service, environment, and location to make their new job environment easy for them to adjust and to make their move a smooth and rewarding experience.

We work in tandem with hospitals to find skilled doctors to fill both their temporary & permanent vacancies across the country and even abroad.

Services we offer:

1. Human resources planning

2. Recruitment

3. Formulating HR policies, systems, and procedures

4. Performance management

5. Motivation & work culture 6. Training and Development 7. Reward management 8. Compensation System and Policies
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