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With the growing healthcare market, healthcare 360 degree is one of the innovative players as hospital consultancy to create and bring schools and hospital in one platform with all technical and medical support 360 degree. We are a leading healthcare and medical recruitment agency with strong experince in comprehensive healthcare project management for new medical and healthcare startups in all over the Bihar and India.


To provide innovative marketing and 360 degree solution to every strata of hospital.


To bring schools and hospitals in one platforms to provide healthcare solution at the same time using technology and expertise.

Why Healthcare 360 Degree :

⛨ Hospital Operation Management/hospital management for functional facilities.

⛨ New/Expansion/Remodeling Projects.

⛨ Hospital/Market Survey.

⛨ Feasibility study/SOWT analysis.

⛨ Third Party (TPA)/PSU’s / Government sector Empanelments.

⛨ Marketing/Branding 360 degree.

⛨ Training/Human Resource Assistance.

⛨ Marketing/Branding 360 degree.

⛨ QCI/NABH/NABL/JCI/ISO accreditation.

health care 360 degree
health care 360 degrees

⛨ QCI/NABH/NABL/JCI/ISO accreditation.

⛨ Innovative Protection to children/Schools through technology and expertise.

⛨ Financial Planning and Support.

⛨ Information Technology.

⛨ Lead Generation/Patient Feedback.

⛨ Tele-Medicine assistance.

⛨ Medical Tourism.

health care 360 degree