Healthcare IT Solutions

Information technology can make or break your healthcare organization. Without proper oversight and guidance, it’s easy to fall into common traps such as over-investing in unnecessary technology, or under-utilizing already paid-for platforms.



Increasing system productivity and minimizing disruption are integral to your organization’s success. Whether you’re optimizing an existing IT system, acquiring a new platform, or developing a customized solution, Healthcare 360 Degree Consultants experienced experts will guide you every step of the way.

♦ Have vs. needs assessment for existing and pre-purchased IT Systems

♦ Platform selection and customization to meet your specific needs

♦ Database Development



When it comes down to the expenditures and time dedicated to proper due diligence, it makes financial sense to use Healthcare 360 Degree Consultants with its network of developers and Healthcare 360 Degree Consultants to ensure that your final decision on an IT solution is viable – based on its ability to satisfy your needs, perform properly and deliver value after the sale.

♦ Mobile / apps developers

♦ Custom coding and Billing software

♦ Tracking and reporting software for trending strengths and weaknesses

♦ ICD-10 coding, security and privacy experts (e.g. HIPPA, EMR)



Selecting the most appropriate and efficient e-platforms to deliver healthcare can be complicated and time consuming. Healthcare 360 Degree Consultants will facilitate the RFP process and recommend only the most appropriate technology for your specific needs. We will also help educate both your providers and patients to ensure speedy adaption and maximization of these platforms.