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Patient care Solutions by Empowering and Strengthening Nursing Professionals

Patient care Solutions by Empowering and Strengthening Nursing Professionals

With changing trend in health care delivery system, technological advances and increased patient expectations, the role of nurses as healthcare professionals is growing and evolving. An aggressive push is required to strengthen their numbers, scientific knowledge and professional capacity to take advantage of their contributions towards better patient care and empower them as a whole.

Role of Healthcare Organizations in empowering nurses

- Increasing the scope of practice by

  • - Allowing nurses to practice to the fullest extent of their education and training
  • - Giving nurses a better voice in the healthcare delivery process
  • - By placing nurses on boards and in leadership positions.

Allocating proper workforce :

Healthcare industry needs experience and the young generation’s budding brain and nurses are no exception to it. Industry should make all the efforts to retain the experienced workforce as they are helpful in experienced patient care and can mentor the new generation nurses in providing training and increasing their skills. On the other hand, the new generation workforce is instrumental in bringing better and enhanced ideas of delivering their services which may comprehend well with the demand of the patients in today’s scenario.

  • Maintaining appropriate nurse-to-patient ratio helps in reduced occupational errors and injuries, thereby, improving patient care and nursing capabilities.
  • Upgrade to Emerging Technologies

Using “SMART” Technology

Most of the time nurses spent time in gathering and communicating information to the other team members, resulting in less time for direct patient care. Smart technology offers tools like remote monitoring devices and high-tech patient simulators that can help nurses and other team members to get the information they need to make decision sitting remotely. Such technologies when used in patient’s room, allows nurses to spend time in observing, educating, and coordinating care for patients instead of collecting data.

There is increased use of portable mobile and electronic communication technology through text apps and hospital-wide paging communication tools that enable nurses to respond more efficiently to patients’ needs. Applications even alert nurses when they are running late to provide treatment to the patient thereby allowing concurrent quality management.

Involving Nurses in Technology Design and Implementation

Since, nurses are the greatest users of technology, in many instances, they may know what will work best with regard to technological solutions, but they are asked for their opinions infrequently. They should be involved in strengthening their ability in designing, planning, and implementing technology systems.

Interdisciplinary coordination

Preventive care encouraged by medical community and insurance providers has increased the demand of nurses for “well care” and coordination with other healthcare professionals like nutritionists, physical therapists and psychologists. This requires nurses to focus on interdisciplinary care.

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR):

EHR helps in tracking patient information digitally. This can make patient data easier to share, improve outcomes and increase better coordinated care of the patients. Any changes in documentation of care have a significant impact on nursing practice. Most health systems face challenges in nurses’ ability to meet this Electronic Health Record system which grossly affect recording of essential patient information. Hence, focus is required on training nursing staff more on electronic Healthcare records.

  • Pay-for-performance initiatives
  • Providing cordial environment
  • Giving them space for personal life

Role of Nurses

  • Improving and increasing nursing education
  • Represent Your Profession Well
  • Fulfill your Potential

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