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Building A High Performance Team In Healthcare

Building A High Performance Team In Healthcare

Have you ever being part of High Performance team mates or Boss , A team you would always love to work every morning . The team you can believe , trust , feel sense of belonginess ? Think Twice . Here are few tips you can own create a high performace team which can create high values and outcome for your organization .

You should always have BIRBAL within your organization , for that you need to become AKHBAR ? You can't run your business alone , you have to have BIRBAL within your Organization . How ?

a) Instead of Informing your Colleagues , Involve them

b) Create a Hassle Free SOP's for your Organization

c) Train and Induct your Employee before they go for working .

d) Train them so much that any body can pay them double of their salary along with provide good Culture and Correct Processes within your Work Place .

e) Incentivize them by their performance and their Efforts , For Non Performer Suggest them , motivate them and support him with hand holding .

f) Never Scold / Demotivate publically for their non performance . Make a Score Card & Appriciate in case of Achievment .

g) Built Open Door System and Policy - 0% Gossip 100% Transparency .

h) Promote internal People rather than Helicopter Landing . Devlope leaders within your organization .

I) Always do Competency Mapping with taste of Succuss .

j) Have a clear Vision and Goal and let you percolate the same within your Team Member .

k) Cooperate cross-functionally always within your Organization .

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