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Healthcare Industry in today’s era is continuously fighting with conflicting priorities. There are challenges related to high quality patient care, Patient & Hospital safety, maintaining regulatory standards and meeting the financial challenges and hospital productivity. For all this, the industry needs anextremely stretched infrastructure, resources and most important a strategic partner to manage all these challenges with them. The industry owners need an umbrella that can shelter them and keep them away from the efforts of meeting all these challenges alone. They need their strategic partner and that is where “Healthcare 360 degree” plays a role of the supporting stone and shelter for you.
Our strategic outlook can provide you with end-to end solutions right from planning and commissioning of hospitals to running the hospital with full viability and maintaining its expected level in the market. We do-not just put efforts but put our heart and soul to make it happening. Make us your preferred partner to experience the change!
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Healthcare 360 Degree About Us

Facilities Provide By Healthcare 360 Degree

Hospital Due Diligence & Bank Report

Hospital Architect Planning with Design

Accreditations (JCI, NABH, NABL, NHSRC, QCI )

Healthcare Training & ROI

Marketing & Operations Outsourced

Healthcare Funding

Healthcare Events & Summit

Hospital & Healthcare Brand Building

Healthcare 360 Degree Merger & Acquisitions

Hospital Merger & Acquisitions

Healthcare 360 Degree is the premium consultancy segment who do Market survey along with DD (Due Diligence) for you .

You can bang upon us for a correct and actual valuation of the organization, (Both In books & Off Books)

It's hard for investors to know when a deal is worthwhile. The burden of proof should fall on the acquiring company.

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Healthcare 360 Degree Due Diligence & Bank Report

Due Diligence & Bank Report

Due diligence efforts is an important aspect in Healthcare industry which must be made by responsible persons or company to prevent causing harm to others or their property , organization and Hospital .

An Intelligent Company would confirm all facts, research done before entering into an agreement or a financial transaction with another party that might include the review of financial records also in this .

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Healthcare 360 Degree Planning & Design

Hospital Planning & Design

Hospital Planning and design is a meticulous exercise . it involves planning for various departments, units, facilities like medical shop, parking, canteen, labs, etc. which require detailed drawings. Healthcare 360 degree Consultancy provides planning, designing & implementation of all services such as:

Equipped with experts and facility planners who have the skill to foresee the total plan till its final form, we ensure that we match all the quality standards and that in no way the patient safety goes for a toss.

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Healthcare 360 Degree Management Consulting

Hospital Management Consulting

Hospital leaders are exploring ways to outsource services to free up resources, In order to break even, average hospital costs will have to be reduced by 24 percent by 2022.

98 percent of hospital leaders are determined to work with third-party vendors for cost efficiencies in both clinical and nonclinical functions, which would allow hospitals to focus on value-based programming.

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Healthcare 360 Degree Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting

We assist in Project Management the most operationally-efficient patient care facilities. Our hospital designs raise the Patient-Focused Care bar to the highest notch through our innovations & concepts.

Healthcare 360 degree helps clients understand the implications of trends in the organization and delivery of health care services. We develop alternative facility solutions and help clients establish priorities among capital projects that address current problems and maximize future flexibility.

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Healthcare 360 Degree JCI,NABH,NABL Accreditation

JCI,NABH,NABL Accreditation

Providing Quality Health care when actually the patient needs , in an affordable, safe, effective manner. Quality healthcare is also engaging and involving the patient, so the patient takes ownership in preventive care and in the treatment . It's also a continuous quality improvement programs to improve health care by identifying problems, implementing and monitoring corrective action and studying its effectiveness .

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Healthcare 360 Degree Operations & Marketing

Operations & Marketing

Building the structure of a hospital may be easy but managing and running it profitably the same is difficult. In this competitive healthcare scenario, the success of the massive investment that the –investor makes to conceive a project lies in profitably running the healthcare venture and managing its various healthcare operation and marketing services successfully. The team at Healthcare 360 degree Consultancy assists the hospital management team in developing quality healthcare management standards and implements them to run the project successfully.

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Healthcare 360 Degree Brand Communication

Hospital Brand Communication

In this market of generalized brand managers, hard to find a healthcare specialized team of experts who can strategize and develop a vibrant healthcare brand.

With over 108 years of accumulative healthcare expertise and experience , Healthcare 360 degree has the unique blend of team with tons of experience in developing the finest healthcare brands in India .

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Healthcare 360 Degree Images Gallery
NABH Standard Implementation & training program @ 100 Bedded Super Speciality Hospital
Healthcare 360 Degree Images Gallery
Hospital Credit Recovery Reconciliation with Less Paper Work
Healthcare 360 Degree Images Gallery
Founder Director - Leslie Richard Speaking on Strategy of Internal Marketing & streamlining Credit Recovery business on 5th Medical Healthcare Expo Confreance held at Lucknow
Healthcare 360 Degree Images Gallery
Press Confreance with honorable Chief Justice on occasion of opening of Hospital
Healthcare 360 Degree Images Gallery
Received Healthcare Award at World’s largest Eye Care Organization
Healthcare 360 Degree Images Gallery
Dr Alfi on training program on Prevention on Infection Control and ethical practices organized by Healthcare 360 Degree
Healthcare 360 Degree Images Gallery
Workshop cum Training Certificate distribution to all participant by Healthcare 360 Degree

School Children Health Importance

School health services contribute to the goals of the education system and the healthcare system by providing screenings and referrals, administering medications and treatments, providing first aid, providing health counseling and education, and supporting students to acquire self-management skills.
A healthful environment, nursing and other health services that students need to stay in school, nutritious and appealing school meals, ... counseling, psychological and social services that promote healthy social and emotional development and remove barriers to students' learning.
A comprehensive school health program is an organized set of policies, procedures, and activities designed to protect and promote the health and well-being of students and staff which has traditionally included health services, healthful school environment, and health education.
Health education teaches about physical, mental, emotional and social health. It motivates students to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce risky behaviors. Health education curricula and instruction help students learn skills they will use to make healthy choices throughout their lifetime.
  • Health Promotion of School Children
  • Preventive and Control of Health , hazards
  • Rehabilitation for all School Students
  • This group is of vital importance to the health of the community
  • They constitute a sizable segment of the population .
  • School children are subjected to the risk and dangers of communicable disease
  • They undergo the stresses and strains of growth and development .
  • The physical , mental and and emotional stress should always be considered .

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Bihar's First Conclave on Hospital Credit Recovery

Collecting claims and payments for hospital services can be extremely challenging. This major concern has become a top priority for many hospitals due to long outstanding payment list. Infact it has become a separate vertical for the hospitals to work on these days as it requires dedicated man hours to simply collect payments from the creditors.
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Varanasi - Land of Opportunity for Hospitals & Healthcare Organization

Varanasi is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh dating to the and Regarded as the spiritual capital of India, the city draws Hindu pilgrims who bathe in the Ganges River’s sacred waters and perform funeral rites.
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Bihar - Land of Opportunity for Healthcare Organization

It is the thirteenth-largest Indian state, with an area of 94,163 km2 . The third-largest state by population, it is contiguous with Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to the north, the northern part of West Bengal to the east, with Jharkhand to the south. The Bihar plain is split by the river Ganges, which flows from west to east.
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10 Hospital Marketing Strategy Can Help And Find High Paying Cases

we’re likely to see some dramatic changes in the world of healthcare. With private equity acquisitions on the rise, retailization in high demand, and some fierce competition, Now time to start treatingyour healthcare organization like the business.
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Building A High Performance Team In Healthcare

Have you ever being part of High Performance team mates or Boss , A team you would always love to work every morning . The team you can believe , trust , feel sense of belonginess ? Think Twice . Here are few tips you can own create a high performace team which can create high values and outcome for your organization .
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NCQA - National Committee for Quality Assurance ISQua - is the umbrella organization responsible for accrediting the Joint Commission International accreditation scheme in the USA and Accreditation Canada International, as well as accreditation organizations in the United Kingdom and Australia.