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what is more important ?? Personal Brand or Business Brand ?


The healthcare landscape is undergoing a tremendous transformation as there is a paradigm shift towards value-based care recently. Therefore healthcare consulting firms recommend a greater emphasis on holistic care approaches and improving clinical outcomes at reduced costs. Achieving both these aspects is challenging for all healthcare facilities including hospitals. The proper role of hospital financial management and hospital operations management is thus vital for improving the quality of services rendered without increasing the costs incurred.

 So, Our hospital consulting firms (Healthcare 360 Degree) advise hospitals to strive for the maintenance of meaningful relationships with patients, physicians and public communities throughout the entire care continuum. To do this, the first step is to do a thorough hospital gap analysis to identify the flaws in the existing system, explore the areas for improvement and identify strategies to accomplish it. Besides this, Hospital Quality Management must be optimized to create proven success stories. 

 Strategies to improvise your current hospitals & clinics and you can always be ahead of any competitions .

  1. Develop a patient feedback system - Create your own system that allows patients to provide feedback on their experience, both positive and negative. Use this feedback to make improvements and ensure that patients feel heard.
  2. Invest in staff education and development - Offer staff ongoing education and development opportunities to keep them up-to-date with the latest medical advancements, technology, and best practices. This can include training on new equipment, attending conferences and workshops, and offering leadership and management courses.
  3. Use data to drive improvements - Use data to identify areas for improvement, such as reducing readmission rates, improving patient outcomes, and increasing patient satisfaction. This can include analyzing patient data, tracking staff performance, and benchmarking against other hospitals.
  4. Promote a culture of safety - Create a culture of safety that encourages staff to speak up about potential safety issues and fosters a sense of accountability for patient outcomes. This can include implementing safety protocols, conducting regular safety drills, and offering training on error prevention.
  5. Enhance patient experience - Focus on improving the patient experience by offering amenities such as comfortable waiting areas, easy-to-understand information, and a variety of food options. Consider implementing technology to enhance patient convenience, such as online appointment scheduling or virtual visits.
  6. Implement evidence-based practices - Use evidence-based practices to ensure that patients receive the most effective treatments and interventions. This can include using standardized protocols, providing care based on best practices, and offering clinical decision support tools to clinicians.

7. Improve physician engagements to build robust healthcare systems-Studies show that proper physician engagements and doctor-patient relationships are very critical to improve the quality of hospital services and build strong healthcare systems. By increasing the physician’s performance and commitment, hospitals can nurture better relationships with all patients, caretakers and other stakeholders in the healthcare chain.

8. Focus on communication and research - Proper communication mechanisms must be adopted by the hospital management with all the employees. This ensures that they are clear with the hospital vision, mission and goals so that they may plan and execute their tasks accordingly.


All hospitals must ensure that they have hygienic facilities with clean sanitation, uninterrupted power and water supply, sufficient waste disposal mechanisms and sanitation. The adequate spacing of all hospital areas is also very critical especially now with the pandemic of the coronavirus as social distancing prevents the spreading of infections. These spaces must also be designed, organized and maintained to provide seamless services without disrupting patient privacy. Proper hospital architecture and infrastructure planning are also required to ensure adequate stock of medicines and drugs, clinical supplies and equipment including masks, disinfectants and ventilators, particularly in the current COVID outbreak.

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