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Darker Side of Hospital In India

Darker Side of Hospital In India

Healthcare 360 Degree hospital Consultancy is one of the Innovative player as Hospital Consultancy . Within two years of Commencement of our Hospital services we have become the most trusted and demanded Healthcare Consultancy in india and Northern part of Country . We operate from three places Delhi being our Head Office , we have branch Office in Patna and Ranchi .

The thought process behind building a hospital was to serve HUMAN CARE but now a days hospital owners have converted hospital for profit making business with "NO HUMAN CARE" Concept , as a result the other co sector parties like PSU's and TPA's use to take advantage /benefit for Empanelments , renewals and recoveries .

As we aware there are govt scheme as well for the benefit of Human Being but hospitals molds the scheme as per their requirements and benefits . However they understand the profitability speciality wise so they will not admit the patients under the speciality running with less margins and less profitability & they quote "BED NAHI HAI ya BED FULL HAI" . They will only admit the patients in that speciality where they have huge profit margins.

Every day there are Pharma companies coming out with "BEST" scheme for Doctor's as a result Patients have to bear the cost in the name of Pharma Companies .

Bottlenecks for Hospitals

TPA & Insurance Company will be taking money for Empanelments , will be giving your hard earn Recovery money after taking %age , as this is the biggest bottleneck , hospital owners can't afford to have TPA's & Insurance Sector as 27% of total business they contribute .

Govt Scheme Big bottleneck for most of the older hospitals as they didn't get the recovery amount in time , perhaps the money comes after three years with 8 to 10 %age of deduction

At the end "Patients are the Suffers"

Pilferage's in Hospitals Pilferage's are the most and the foremost biggest common disease in hospital now a days specially in small Hospitals (20 to 100 Bedded Hospitals) , most of the Hospital owners denies the fact but the truth is 7 to 9 %age of TOP LINE is pilferages from their own trusted employees . thats is the one of the top reason "BIG FISH EATING SMALLs"

UKAF (the United Kingdom Accreditation Forum) is responsible for accrediting accreditation schemes in the United Kingdom. QHA Trent Accreditation United Kingdom

Credit Recovery Bottleneck for most of hospitals as Credit Contributes around 40 % of Business and to recover 40% age of business is a challenge and task . most of the hospital spends 13 to 14 %age under the table to recover their own money . At the same time problem is the employees who looks after credit business "Most of the time they do Credit billing instead of cash billing " and it will be too late when owners or Other Consultancy firm knowns the same . Again they are the same "OLD TRUSTED EMPLOYEES" . Hospital owners must do close watching to ensure revenue leackage .

Talk to out Executive for "Zero Deduction Policy" today

Solutions & Conclusion

  • Authentic & Layer Proof HIMS
  • Always create Second Line
  • Be Transparent with your Co-workers
  • No Close door policy for your Employees .
  • Hire Qualified and Efficiant Consultancy Always
  • Negotiate on ROI from Consultants .

If you need any support in Hospital for Recovery / Old Outstanding , Acceriditation , NABH Consultancy , NABL Consultancy , Marketing and Operation Outsourced , Managing your Hospital with less cost , Market Feasibility Study , techno feasibility Study , Hospital Planning and Design , you can contact Healthcare 360 Degree (Innovation in Healthcare) us [email protected] , infohc360.in Or you can visit our website www.hc360.in or can call +91-7023566677 .




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