22 September 2018 - Blog

Increase Your Hospital Top Line By 30%

Increase Your Hospital Top Line By 30%

We are always in pressure to increase top line , we don't built the or think of long term strategy to engage with patient and win their trust . In todays world where patients are educated , knows their rights , Innovative IDEAS and decision making approch will only work rather than traditional marketing . Data plays an important role to built startegy or Innovative Marketing Plan. With the latest technology , tools and artificial intelligent , we can do much more from front , All it about collecting right information , right analysis and knowing the right problem with right tools can HIT the NAIL.

For Utilization , its all about making sure that the right connect and personilized communication happens at the right time with right patient .

  • 1. Introduce Patients Loyalty Program .
  • 2. Predective Analysis
  • 3. Eliminate throughput bottle neck
  • 4. Focus on Day care speciality
  • 5. Feedback is an important tool , utilize them
  • 6. Always Know "Hospitals are dependent on Patients " not "Patients" take the ideas from ground staffs and utilize them .
  • 7. Marketing Initiative will happen in-house and engage new "Stakeholders"
  • 8. More Clinical Audits and know your underutilise Area and Stakeholders and utilise them .
  • 9. Re-negociate your existing Vendors .


  • 1. Focus more on Single Line Speciality
  • 2. Outsource few department
  • 3. Grow Case Volume by inviting more surgeon and physician on board .
  • 4. Control Infection Rate , Hospital Acquired Infection and manage your ALOS .
  • 5. Creating a Self sustainable Hospital Model (Green Hospital)
  • 6. Create a Hub and Spoke Model for Major SPeciality
  • 7. Invite new Generation Doc's and include them in decision making process .
  • 8. Increase your staffing in Bio Medical and maintainace to control breakdowns .
  • 9. Invest more on Day Care Speciality .

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