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what is more important ?? Personal Brand or Business Brand ?

what is more important ?? Personal Brand or Business Brand ?

5 Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand.

To me, there are two types of brand – a personal brand and a business brand.

A personal brand is connected to an individual. It’s when you can clearly put a face to a business and you build a connection with the person behind the business.

A business brand tends to be focused on larger businesses with many employees. It’s less personal as you don’t tend to see the faces behind the brand. It doesn’t mean they are any less successful, it just means they are bigger.

Don’t get me wrong, having a strong visual brand identity is extremely important when it comes to building and growing a successful brand but it’s just one piece of the puzzle.


1. Get Clear About Your Expertise

The first step in building a personal brand is to get clear about what it is you want to be known for. What is it that you do well and who best does it serve? By establishing a niche market and audience, you can directly speak to those who you enjoy working with and know you can help.

If you aren’t specific about what you do and who you do it for, you will end up marketing to no one.

2. Understand Your Value And Your Worth

Understanding your value and worth typically comes down to your pricing. Instead of working out your pricing structure based on how much you would like to earn, think of it in terms of value.

In order to understand your value, you need to know what problems your ideal clients face and how you can help them. What impact will it have by choosing not to work with you? That’s where your value lies.

3. Create A Brand Identity That Attracts

A strong visual brand is an important part of creating a personal brand. In fact, it’s an important part of creating any brand but we are talking personal brands here so we’ll stick with that.

Your brand identity is essential the first impression that your audience gets from you. Ensure you have a brand identity that attracts your ideal clients whilst showcasing you as the person behind the brand.

4. Develop A Marketing Strategy And Be Visible

No one is going to know about you if you don’t put yourself out there and be visible. You need a solid marketing strategy and visibility plan that works to meet your overall business vision and goals. Once you have this, you then need to put it into action. Stick to your strategy and be consistent.

Show up for your audience and give valuable content that showcases your expertise. Build that know, like and trust factor that will ultimately result in sales because you know your stuff. You just need to let your audience know that you know your stuff too.

5. Be Authentic, Be You!

As a personal brand, there’s no getting away from it – you are the face of your brand.

People buy from people and there will be an audience out there that want to buy from you.Don’t look at what others in your field are doing and try to emulate them. Be yourself. Add your own spin to your topic and focus on what makes you unique.

Should you build a personal brand or a business brand ??

A personal brand is built around you — your personality, your lifestyle, and your interests.

A business brand is build around an identity you create for your business .

Personal brand pros

Personal brands are flexible. Personal brands typically use the business owner’s name to brand the business, website, and offerings (whether they’re products or services).

Personal brands are ideal if you want to develop a speaking career. It’s hard work to associate your name with your area of expertise, but once you’ve done the work, you’ll be seen as someone who others want to hear from.

Personal brands are perfect for “one-person industries.” If you’re an artist, author, professional speaker, or coach, a strong personal brand will boost your business and attract new, interested prospects.

Personal brand cons

Your company name won’t state what you do: you have to associate your personal name with what you offer. This can be done with a strong tagline that you use consistently in everything you do. You can also associate what you offer with your personal name by writing blog posts, doing interviews, creating social media posts, and booking speaking engagements around your area of expertise. You’ll need to do this until people associate your name with what you want to become known for.

It’s hard to sell a personally-branded business. when you’re just starting out, who’s thinking about selling? But if you suspect there’s even a remote possibility this may happen in the future, you should reconsider creating a personal brand, and build a business brand instead.

The Ans is building a business brand is the best solution .

Business brands take more upfront work to create, because rather than use the name you were born with, you need to create one from thin air.

This means crafting meaningful words, and it’s hard work. But it might just be worth the effort.

Creating a business brand forces you to think through your plans for your business. When it’s time to come up with a business name, you will need to think about who your ideal customer is , what you’ll offer, and what your business will be known for. Going through this process will help you create a vision for where you want to take your business that goes way beyond your business name and tagline.

Business brands allow you to position your business .

There are no limits on the words you use, so find a few that express what your business offers. Complement them with a tagline that builds excitement. And watch as your ideal customer grasps what you offer as soon as they hear your business name.

Business brands are easier to sell. Business brand cons

It’s hard work to build a business brand. You have to create a brand name at a time when you may still be trying to decide what your business will offer, and who your ideal customer will be.

Is there a happy medium?

I believe there is a happy medium, and it’s easier to pull off now than ever before.

We can build our business brand and — simultaneously — work to establish our personal authority around a topic and a personal brand too .

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